Sebastian Vettel: Special Events
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2010 Race of Champions
Under Work!

2009 ROC Nation's Cup
3rd - 4th November, 2009
Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher went to Beijing to race for Team germany once more. This was their third title for their country, and this time, Sebastian had to save the team in the semi finals, but was helped by Schumacher in the last round, after losing to Priaulx. Perfect team work!

The Championship
Group A:
Germany (6 Wins): 3:55.963
China (3 Wins): 4:04.314
Finland (2 Wins): 4:00.151
Australia (1 Win): 4:04.386

Team Germany 2 x 0 Team Australia
Vettel: 1:59.381
Reed: 2:05.807
Schumacher: 2:00.012
Doohan: 2:28.424

Team Germany 2 x 0 Team China
Vettel: 1:55.951
Tung: 1:58.345
Schumacher: 2:03.192
Han: DNF

Team Germany 2 x 0 Team Finland
Vettel: 1:56.085
Grönholm: 2:01.587
Schumacher: 2:00.636
Hirvonen: 2:01.243

Semi Finals: Team Germany 2 x 1 Team United States
Schumacher: 2:03.615
Foust: 2:03.281
Vettel: 1:55.212
Pastrana: 1:55.582

Vettel: 2:03.167
Foust: 2:04.084

FINALS: Team Germany 2 x 1 Team Great Britain
Schumacher: 1:59.348
Button: 1:59.842
Vettel: 2:13.299
Priaulx: 1:52.479

Schumacher: 2:01.200
Priaulx: 2:02.364

On the Individual Competition Sebastian went further than he had achieved on the last time. After leading his group, he managed to beat David Coulthard, but crashed into the barriers while racing against his countryman Schumacher in the semi finals.

The Championship
Group C:
Sebastian Vettel (3 Wins)

Mikko Hirvonen (2 Wins)
Chad Reed (1 Win)
Giniel de Villiers (No Wins)

Heat 1: Vettel x Hirvonen
Vettel: 2:00.363
Hirvonen: 2:02.567

Heat 2: Vettel x De Villiers
Vettel: 1:51.442
De Villiers: 1:53.626

Heat 3: Vettel x Reed
Vettel: 1:58.583
Reed: DNF

Quarter-Finals: Vettel x Coulthard
Vettel: 1:58.213
Coulthard: 1:58.930

Semi-Finals: Vettel x Schumacher
Vettel: DNF
Schumacher: 1:57.940

2008 ROC Nation's Cup
14th December, 2008
Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher teamed once more in the RoC Nation's Cup to defend their title from 2007. The way seemed much easier, and the pair didn't lose a single race til the finals. There, Schumacher had to retribute the favour Seb did him the year before. The young german lost his race and Schumacher had to won his and the third stint to make the team once more champion.

The Championship
Quarter Finals: Team Germany 2 x 0 Team Ireland
Carroll: 2:06.3634 (+3.5035)
Schumacher: 2:02.8599
MacHale: 1:09.1824 (+3.2787)
Vettel: 2:05.9037

Semi Finals: Team Germany 2 x 0 Team England (F1Rac.)
Schumacher: 2:20.1079
Coulthard: 2.20.8868 (+0.7789)
Vettel: 2:01.4088
Plato: 2:02.7721 (+1.3633)

FINALS: Team Germany 2 x 1 Team Scandinavia
Vettel: 2:01.2381 (+1.5866)
Ekstrom: 1:59.6465
Schumacher: 2:00.2381
Kristensen 2:00.4110 (+0.1729)

Schumacher: 1:56.5219
Ekstrom: 1:59.7265 (+3.2046)

On the Individual Competition however, Sebastian didn't go far once more, but had a better result than on the first year, getting to the second step of the competition, losing to the champion to be Sebastien Loeb.

The Championship
Heat 1: Vettel x Bayliss
Vettel: 1:58.5103
Bayliss: 2:01.2981 (+2.7878)

Heat 2: Vettel x Loeb
Vettel: 1:59.8578 (+1.4072)
Loeb: 1:58.4506

2007 ROC Nation's Cup
15th December, 2007
For the first time in history, the ROC's Nation's Cup was won by the german team, when Michael Schumacher teamed Sebastian Vettel for the 2007 edition.
The Nation's Cup is a championship that's part of the Race of Champions, and has been added to it in 1999. Each nation has two drivers (generally one racing driver and a rally driver), and competes against other nation's drivers, leading to the champion team, while in the individual competition the nationality doesn't count, and each driver is alone.
The idea of the event is allowing drivers from different series to compete with same cars and equipament, so they can be able to prove their talent.
In 2007, the german team had two F1 racing drivers: STR driver sebastian Vettel, and now retired 7 times WDC Michael Schumacher. The other nations were England, Scotland, Scandinavia (with one driver from Sweden and another from Denmark), USA, Finland, Norway and France.

The Championship
Quarter Finals: Team Germany 2 x 1 Team USA
Johnson: 2:08.5386 (+2.8791)
Schumacher: 2:01.6595
Pastrana: 1:54.2361
Vettel: 1:54.6346 (+0.3985)

Pastrana: 1:55.6721 (+4.2007)
Schumacher: 1:51.4714

Semi Finals: Team Germany 2 x 0 Team England
Schumacher: 1:49.7097
Button: 1:50.1701 (+0.4604)
Vettel: 1:51.7319
Priaulx: 1:52.379 (+0.6060)

FINALS: Team Germany 2 x 1 Team Finland
Vettel: 1:49.6363
Kovalainen: 1:51.1503 (+1.5140)
Schumacher: 0 (car stopped on start)
Kovalainen 2:06.5077

Vettel: 1:50.8516
Grönholm: 1:51.3727 (+0.5211)

The finals were quite exciting, specially after Schumacher stalled his car, leaving all the pressure for Sebastian: He had to drive twice and win both races, otherwise Finland would win it. "I didn't expect that to be honest. I was racing first against Marcus in his car, his own living room if you like, and I was already putting the excuses together about why I lost. I didn't expect it at all to be honest," said Sebastian after winning the title.
However, Sebastian didn't go too far on the individual championship, losing the first heat for Heikki Kovalainen and being out of the championship won by swedish DTM driver Mattias Ekström.

The Championship
Heat 1: Sebastian Vettel x Heikki Kovalainen
Vettel: 1:51.1478 (+0.8505)
Kovalainen: 1:50.2973