Sebastian Vettel: Records
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Youngest Driver to get win in F1
21 years and 73 days
14th September, 2008 - Monza (Italian GP)
A brilliant wet race, started with Sebastian on pole behind a safety car, got him to lead til the end, winning his first race ever at Toro Rosso home, Italy, and becoming the youngest driver to win in F1, succeding Fernando Alonso.

Youngest Driver to get Pole Position F1
21 years and 72 days
13th September, 2008 - Monza (Italian GP)
In his first full season in F1, Sebastian had an amazing qualifying section in the rain at Monza, scoring third on first part of it, and then first on the second and third parts. With the time of 1:37.555, Sebastian is now the youngest driver to be on pole position in F1.

Youngest Driver to Score Points in F1
19 years and 349 days
7th July, 2007 - Indianapolis (USA GP)
Following the serious crash of regular BMW driver Robert Kubica in Canada, Vettel substituted for him at the US Grand Prix and started in seventh position on the grid, finishing in 8th position, to take his first F1 World Championship point and became the youngest driver ever to score a point in Formula One (at the age of 19 years and 349 days).

Most Wins in a Formula BMW Season
18 wins in 20 races
2004 - BMW ADAC Championship
In 2004, Sebastian impressed lots of people after winning 18 of the 20 races in the BMW ADAC Championship. For each race, the guy added one 'smile-sticker' to his car.

Source: Wikipedia