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001. On the website usage
By accessing this website you agree to the following terms. If you do not believe / agree with our policy, you can close your browser right away.

002. On design/content copyright
All the pieces of our design were made with educational purpose and with google found images. Any of them can be removed by request, so contact us before any legal action. Also, we reserve ourselves the right over it's layout and stuff, so do not copy it without our request.
The content is the result of a vast research and took a long while to be collected. We do not mind if you copy for yourself the info, but copying all for another website is not a good action at all, and won't be appreciated, so don't.

003. On images used
All the images used on this website and it's gallery were found online. In no moment we intend to get any money out of them, being only a fansite. If you want any of them removed, contact us before any legal action, and we'll gladly remove them and solve the problem.

004. On the forum
We are in no way responsable for user actions on our forums, including words and media uploaded. Those are a personal actions and do not reflect the website intentions.

005. On news
The news on webpage are mostly taken from other sources online. However, we do always give these websites credits mentioning their names, so you can check the original archive. The translations are made by ourselves, and are based on our languages knowledge.
We also give ourselves the right to delete comments considered inappropriate, offensive, or spam, simply because that's not the proper usage of the comments tool. Further abuse will be punished with a IP block to that action.

006. On videos
We do not distribute our videos from videos section to the general public. Under request, we can share with an individual, but not with the general public. Anyways, we can stop doing it from an specifical video under request, so contact us in case of problems. All our videos are hosted under YouTube servers, meaning they respect their policies and can be deleted by their will.

007. On the fanclub
We're no official fanclub and do not intend to claim we are. Joining the fanclub does not offer any kind of priviledge or facility, being only a manner to show support and reunite fans.

008. On financial matters
None of us recieves any kind of financial reward for our work. We're a fansite made by fans, willing to share information about a mutual interest. As you can notice, no ads are published no where in the website, apart from our forums, which are responsability of a forum hosting company who may also recieve whatever profits from it, and the outside networks, like Facebook, YouTube, Fotolog, MySpace and Twitter, for obvious reasons. The domain is paid by us with personal funds.

009. On Sebastian's personal life
This website intends to share information about Sebastian, but in no moment we do publish informations that are not spread in the media. Also, no personal images will be shared with the visitors without being published in the media, for example: family images, paparazzi shots, or similars. We do respect Sebastian's private life, and will not do anything that could in any way harm, prejudice, or simply go against his will. Any images or citations considered inappropriate will also be deleted from our forums in case of postage by thirds.

010. On the relations with Sebastian
We are an unnofficial fansite and do not have any kind of relations with Sebastian. We may know him from race weekends and events, which doesn't mean we do share any kind of relationship with him, and unfortunately cannot help visitors in getting to him as well, simply because we don't have means to.

011. On our fan projects
The fan projects are meant to be a way to help other fans getting closer to Sebastian, specially those who do not have access to race weekends. They're in no way official, being delivered like any other fan gift. We do not benefit anything from it, neither ask any kind of reward for the posters, being only a way to show support to him. We can't unfortunately also garantee the deliver of it, even though we do our best to make it happen. Personal informations are always deleted after the end of a project.