Sebastian Vettel: Helmet Timeline
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2013: Australian Grand Prix
Again, two helmets for Australia. The first was seen during the practices and was a reference to Red Bull Stratos, so it ressembled an astronaut helmet: all white, with a big visor.

The second helmet was wore during the race and it was very beautiful, in different shades of blue, with a spiral made of brilliant circles on top of it.

2013: Jerez Tests
A basic white and silver helmet. The main feature of it is the new sponsor logo of Infiniti, in purple, right in the front part of the helmet.

2012: American Grand Prix
In Singapore, Sebastian wore a special helmet for the night race. It was white with rainbow-colourful details, all glittery. The race lights would make it sparkle and look incredible in the video.

2012: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
A more simple design, the Abu Dhabi helmet had black and silver stripes all over it, so the lights would reflect on it and show different shades of colours.

2012: Japanese Grand Prix
This helmet is entirely based on white and silver colours, giving the Red Bull logo plenty of contrast to shine. The red on top resembles the Japanese flag, of course, and there are writings in Japanese all over the helmet.

2012: Singaporean Grand Prix
Definitely one of Sebastian's most beautiful helmets. The design is all black with sparkling painture on details, and the top shows the skies and the stars. As the Singaporean Grand Prix is a night race, that means all the details would sparkle in the lights, and if that wasn't special enough, some LEDs were placed on the top, and would go on during the race, as real stars.

2012: Italian Grand Prix
Sebastian celebrated his 50th helmet change... with a new helmet! The top shows the marks as if he was counting until the 50th one.

2012: Hungarian Grand Prix
For the Hungarian Grand Prix, Sebastian repeated the helmet from Germany, but on the back, he placed two smiley stickers, each representing one of the world titles he won. He used to do that in his car livery back in Formula BMW to count the number of races he won.

2012: German Grand Prix
A golden helmet for his home race. At the German Grand Prix, Sebastian opted for a classic design with stripes, but with golden details over a white painting.

2012: British Grand Prix
The British Grand Prix helmet had the German flag on top, with an Union Jack flag placed right over it, with 'plastic tape'.

2012: Monaco Grand Prix
His helmet became a sort of a discoball for the Monaco Grand Prix, representating the luxurious lifestyle of the city.

2012: Spanish Grand Prix
A different design for Spain: White background, with a blue horizontal stripe all around the helmet.

2012: Malaysian Grand Prix
A half black half white helmet, with swirls around it (specially on top), giving some sort of optical illusion.

2012: Australian Grand Prix
Sebastian had two different helmets for the Australian Grand Prix. The first, seen in previews, was the original can design, with details in black and white, where you could read the names of all tracks, and a big red '2012' could be seen on the top of it.

The second was blue, with some print patterns which ressembled an animal.

2011: Brazilian Grand Prix
A black helmets, with flowerish details in the Brazilian national colours (green, blue and yellow). The style ressembled the graffiti, and the top of the helmet had the image of a half naked Brazilian samba dancer and the words 'Cheers Maz' (as a secret thank you to the team).

2011: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
A very colourful helmet, with glitter all around it.

2011: Indian Grand Prix
The Indian Grand Prix helmet was very special, because it featured pictures of all the team crew all over the design, as a thank you to all the ones who make his dream come true every race weekend.

2011: Korean Grand Prix
The Korean helmet was quite simple. All black with the lines in gold, and two crossing stars on the top of it.

2011: Japanese Grand Prix
A very beautiful helmet could be seen during the Japanese Grand Prix. It had a degradee from white to black, and the japanese flag circle on its sides and top, where you could read some japanese word. It was called Kizuna, which means solidarity, togetherness. It was wore after the tsunami that affected most of the country, in a moment where the nation had to keep together to outcome such a harsh situation.

2011: Singaporean Grand Prix
In Singapore, Sebastian wore a special helmet for the night race. It was white with rainbow-colourful details, all glittery. The race lights would make it sparkle and look incredible in the video.

2011: German Grand Prix
Sebastian had once again a special helmet design for his home race in Germany. This time the helmet was in light colours (white and silver), with sparkling details. The traditional Red Bull logo is also decorated with a sparkling texture, and the german colours (black, red and gold - yes, gold, not yellow), are on the bottom part of it.

2011: British Grand Prix
This helmet was a homage to his team's members. Sebastian chose a design with photos of the team crew all over the helmet, as it was a home race for the team (which is Austrian and English).

2011: Canadian Grand Prix
For the Canadian Grand Prix, his helmet had a white/silver top, all decorated with silver drawings of Red Bull's bull.

2011: Monaco Grand Prix
One of Sebastian's most colourful helmets. It is all decorated with old posters announcing the Monaco Grand Prix.

2011: Spanish Grand Prix
A quite simple helmet, with background in dark gray, and white splashes all over it.

2011: Turkish Grand Prix
The 'Eye of Fatima' or 'Nazar' is a turkish amulet that is meant to protect against the evil eye. Sebastian chose it for the top of the design of his helmet for the Turkish Grand Prix, along with a background in the same shade of blue.

2011: Red Bull Racing Launch
This helmet had a black backgroung and special details in silver/blue sparkling circles, all around it and on its top part.

2010: Race of Champions
Another black and white helmet, with a gray stripe on the middle, and details of grunge black bulls. The Red Bull logo has sparkling effects in its original colour, and there are orange logos on the front and the top (respectively the ROC logo and the Vettel logo).

2010: Japanese GP
A white and red helmet, ressembling the rising sun of the japanese flag on the top, and filled with sayings in japanese. The one in the front, means the original "Gives you wings" from the other helmets he has worn before.

2010: Singapore GP
For the Singaporean Grand Prix, Sebastian chose a black design, with sparkling effects, which would contrast with the lights in the night race.

2010: Heppenheim Demo / German GP
Sebastian wore a completely new helmet for a Demo Run in his hometown Heppenheim. The blue was substituted for the red colour, which was also in the helmet's visor. He also wore the same helmet in the German Grand Prix.

2010: British GP
The Silverstone helmet was pretty similar to the Monaco one. However, the colours were even darker, and instead of word 'Monaco' written all over it, the new version had the names of all Red Bull Mechanics. He'd wear it again on the FPs and Qualifying of the Brazilian GP.

2010: Monaco GP
For the Monaco Grand Prix, Sebastian had an special version of his helmet, all based in a dark blue colour, matching his car. The helmet showed European Continent lights on top, as seen from above, and also had the logo of Wings for Life on the front.

2010: Chinese GP
Another flowerish helmet, however, this one all in white and off-white shades. From the distance, you can barely notice them.

2010: Bahrain GP
His next helmet had again a sparkling top, now it had shades of pink and purple, and some flowerish details on the back. He'd wear it again in the European GP.

2010: Red Bull Racing Car Launch
Sebastian literally incorporated 100% of the Red Bull can to his helmet painture for the RB6 launch. Even details like the can nutritional facts and the opening sealing could be seen in his new helmet.

2009: Singapore GP
Details in red for this helmet, with striped top and stars drawings surrounding the Vettel logo.

2009: Belgian GP / Italian GP
Black and white painture around the can styled helmet, with stripes and leaves drawings surrounding the top part of it.

2009: German GP
For his home-race, Sebastian wore a white/gray themed helmet, based on his original Red Bull can styled one. The Red Bull Logo had golden details, and the top of it was striped.

2009: Turkish GP / British GP
Seb wore this one on Turkish and British GP. The helmet had darker colors and the top had flowerish details in black.

2009: Monaco GP
Monaco's helmet had an special coloring on the top, with details resembling Monaco's casinos. The front ressembled a disco ball and in the back, a drawing of the track, also mentions to the casinos and the country's name.

2009: Malaysian GP / Chinese GP
This helmet is pretty similar to the one he wore at the 2008 Race of Champions, but retains the original can style instead of being white.

2009: Bahrain GP
For the Bahrain Grand Prix, Sebastian showed a new painting in the top of his well known Red Bull Can Painted Helmet: A real coloured drawing with many of the F1 circuits designs, and some F1 themed icons.

2009: Red Bull Racing Launch
Sebastian kept for 2009 the Red Bull can style on his helmet, but added some sparkling effects in yellow, orange and pink, in a work along helmet designer Jens Munser. Also some new sponsoring spots were introduced.

2008: Red Bull Racing
For his second year at Race of Champions, Sebastian had an special helmet, following the lines of his original one, but all in white, with some black design.

2008: Brazilian GP
Sebastian had a special helmet painture for the last race of the season, which was also his last race at Toro Rosso. He put a sentence thanking them in italian, plus the colours of italian flag on top of helmet. Also, pictures of his first win were places all over the helmet.

2008: European GP
For the European Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso gave drivers a small spanish flag to glue on their helmet, paying homage to the victims of the accident with a Spainair plane that happened on the week before. He also had a Bergstrasse coat of arms sticker on it. Bergstrasse is the district where his hometown, Heppenheim, is.

2008: German GP
Some highlight effects were added to the classic can helmet style for his homerace in Germany.

2008: Malaysian GP
After a bad race, his helmet went back darker for the seconds round of the year.

2008: Australian GP
Sebastian added a sparkling part to the top of his helmet, along with his website logo, and the colours got a bit lighter, still with canned style.

2007: Scuderia Toro Rosso
Seb's helmet was a bit changed to have a bigger Red Bull logo and darker colors, which fit the car colors better.

2007: BMW Sauber F1 Team
Sebastian's helmet still has a Red Bull design, even though he's testing for BMW Sauber. Why? The guy is still part of the Red Bull Junior Team and legally bound to the energy drinks giant, being on loan to BMW for four years.