Biography: The Early Years
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Sebastian Vettel was born on 3rd July, 1987, at the german city of Heppenheim. The love for racing came since his birth as it was already within the family because his father Norbert was into hill-climb racing and karting events, so all the family used to travel along in a trailler. His four years older sister, Stephanie, also drove karts in 1993 and 1994. To increase on such love, at the age of three and a half, Sebastian received a kart as a Christmas present and as expected, he started driving it and his parents had to force him out of it, to do basic stuff like eat, as Seb later confessed in several interviews.

He first drove in a proper racetrack when he was five and joined the mini klasse kart league when he was seven, since you can only join official competitions in the year you’ll become eight. It wasn’t far long that he reached his first victory in Wittgenborn. This was followed by many more. At nine, he was looking for a long term sponsoring, and joined Red Bull Junior Team. In the next year, won his first german title and later he achieved many other titles through his 8 years in karting: He won four times the North Rhine-Westphalia Cup, won the DMV Kartmeisterschaft, the Kerpen-Manheim Cup, the Monaco Kart Cup, Kart Paris-Bersi Cup, the ICA Junior European Championship and the German Junior Kart Championship, for example. His idol Michael Schumacher, was responsible to give him the trophee for one of his many wins, something that Sebastian still mentions frequently, and was also the one who alerted former F1 driver Gerhard Bergher about his talent at the time.

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