Online: About the Fansite
[return]Know a little bit more about the fansite.

The idea.
The idea of making Sebastian a fansite came just after he joined BMW Sauber as third driver. I already had a fansite for Nick and with time, I began to notice the number of Sebastian's fans within my contact was growing a lot and surely there may be lots of other we didn't know yet.

Why not then?
The problems on having a second fansite were always time and online space. Not only it is difficult to find a place to host a second fansite online, but also time was getting smaller as Nick's fansite was growing. But the idea kept growing and I promised myself to make him a fansite when he gets to F1.

The first attempt...
I designed a layout and decided to reunite content, in order to put it online later. But a problem on computer made me format it and caused the loss of everything I had, including Sebastian's fansite, of which I didn't have a backup.

Can you help me?
In the middle of 2007, I decided to begin everything again during my vacations. Juni proposed me to make the fansite again and I thought it would be nice but 'let's wait until he gets to F1'. That lasted until I decided I wanted it SO much and couldn't wait. Funny was that we didn't know Seb would be faster and get a F1 ride during the process of making the fansite, just two weeks after the work began *lol*.

Growing within friends
I spoke to most Seb fans on my MSN list and all of them agreed to help in order to make it better. We gotta thank all them for making this fansite. Every little thing has a bit of one of them.

With time comes responsability
The more the website was growing, the biggest became the number of fans visiting us. And also, many reliable websites mistook us as Seb's official website, what is an honor, because means we're doing it good. By the time of Sebastian's first win, we got about 4000 visits in a single day, and in the end of 2008, we were officially invited to broadcast ROC, what we proudly did. We delivered our first called FanProject to Sebastian, which was a gift from all visitors and pretend to make it more often.

All around the world
During the past years, we launched also a version in Japanese, held by Mitsuru (that quit in 2010 but will be missed), and later in italian, by Roberto. After that came the german version, which is now translated by Till, the portuguese version by Fran and the hungarian by Vera. That is amazing because they're helping us finding more fans for Seb everywhere and also spreading our info for people who don't speak english.

That's all for now!
~ Kati